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NYSAOHN President's Letter Concerning Upcoming AAOHN Election and Proposed Membership Restructuring

Posted about 2 months ago by Patricia Sadowski

Dear NYSAOHN Members,

I recently attended the Northeast Association of Occupational Health Nurses (NEAOHN) regional chapter's conference representing the New York State Association of Occupational Health Nurses (NYSAOHN). 

The New Jersey State chapter did a great job putting together the conference and the presentations, centered around active shooter and mass casualty situations, were very timely given our uncertain world. 

I would like to review two very important topics discussed at the NEAOHN Board of Directors meetings:

First, the AAOHN Election of National Officers and Directors will be held November 5 - November 30, 2018.  Two Northeast members are running for office and deserve your support.

Kim Olszewski, from the Northeast Region, has been nominated for President Elect.  Kim is currently the Secretary for AAOHN and has been very active over many years in NEAOHN and in her home state of Pennsylvania chapters. Kim is a dominant force for occupational health nurses. She will make an amazing President for our organization.

Yolanda Lang, currently your AAOHN Northeast Regional Director, has been nominated for the position of AAOHN Secretary.  Yolanda has also been very active for many years in NEAOHN and in Pennsylvania State and Local Chapters.  Yolanda authors the Northeast Regional newsletter that you receive quarterly.

Both Kim and Yolanda deserve your votes, and they will serve AAOHN and the Northeast Region well.  Support our local nurses because EVERY vote counts. 

Secondly, I would like to discuss the upcoming vote January 4 - February 4, 2019 on proposed bylaws changes to the AAOHN membership structure. 

The AAOHN Chapter Challenges Taskforce has made the following recommendation to the AAOHN Board:

  1. National (AAOHN) dues will be lowered to $165/year ($20 savings).
  2. The Regional, State and Local chapter membership mandate will be abolished.
    1. This means that AAOHN members will no longer HAVE to join the local organizations.
    2. Our local, state and regional chapter programs depend on your dues:
      1. Local chapters - vary from $10 to $25/year
      2. NY State AOHN -  $15/year
      3. Northeast AOHN -  $5/year
    3. We need to prove our viability to the members in order to remain functional chapters.   If we fail, the local, state and regional chapters will be in jeopardy.
    4. Remember, these decisions were driven by AAOHN’s outreach to the membership. If you are unhappy about the proposed changes, and DID NOT RESPOND, I urge you to make your voice heard and vote on the proposed bylaws changes.
    5. Please spread the word and remain members of your local, state and regional chapters.
    6. If we are not giving you the value you seek, please help us grow to meet your needs.

 We need your input on how to keep our State and Local chapters viable and pertinent to your practice.

We need you on our state and local chapter boards, and it is imperative that we get new people and a fresh perspective so that we can plan for the future.  Our boards are filled with dedicated nurses who will help you learn, and we value your limited time.  Please consider helping us out. 

Thank you,

Pat Sadowski BSN, RN, COHN-S/CM, Retired

NYSAOHN President 2018-2019


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